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Mountain Plover Festival

Contact: Danielle Dascalos
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Treasures are waiting to be found.
We welcome all dealers, collectors and other visitors seeking mementos. Wherever your interest in old objects lies you’ll find cool collectibles everywhere. Before you come, visit our website,, where you will find a complete list of antique sellers on the Colorado Central Plains. Their inventories include items large and small, old and older, and often you will find a nice piece that represents the history of our area. But be forewarned: summertime is yard sale season! There are always individual or multifamily sales available, and often community-wide yard sales bring a flea market atmosphere to rummaging your way to that souvenir of your trip that is “just right.” The search for antiques is the fun, finding them is the joy, and acquiring them is the reward. Colorado’s Central Plains…we’re much closer than you might think.


A picture is worth a thousand words.
Whether you shoot with your cell phone or with the latest digital camera, you’ll want to record your memories of your visit to Colorado’s Central Plains. You will see everything from unusual geological formations to remnants of pioneer sod houses and one-room schoolhouses; you’ll be intrigued by the beauty of a large wind farm, or by the artistic symmetry of cultivated farmlands. Here you can really see what’s important. Because we have so much sunshine every year, you’re almost always guaranteed a wide-open view. Even from miles away, you can see the grain elevators that mark locations of our communities, or the clusters of cottonwoods along the Big Sandy and other streambeds. If you want something a little more challenging, visit our Off The Beaten Trail geocache sites; you’ll get photos here that your neighbors haven’t seen before! At the end of the day, you can look toward home and record a wonderful Plains sunset. Colorado’s Central Plains...we’re much closer than you might think.


Everything has a story.
The history of the land and its people helps make Colorado a spectacular place. After the gold fever abated and the railroads arrived, many weary travelers settled on Colorado’s Central Plains and built a way of life here. Cattle and sheep, dryland farming techniques and the ever-present drive to tame the wilderness caused them to stay. Each of the counties has developed museums and local history collections to ensure that our descendants never forget their heritage. While touring through our area, be sure to ask about the hidden history of Colorado’s Central Plains! You’ll hear true tales of survival, hard work and heroism from the people who live here. We will tell you stories about surviving the “dirty thirties” and about how Teddy Roosevelt once stopped while campaigning in Lincoln County for a community breakfast because the pancakes smelled so good. These heritage stories are just one part of what makes the history of our plains anything but plain…and there’s just no telling what new stories you’ll uncover during your visit. We can point you to many of the historic attractions in the area, but you’ll enjoy it more if you can discover them on your own. Colorado’s Central Plains...we’re much closer than you might think.

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